Warooka CPC-7

    Welcome to Warooka Schools

    Warooka Schools include Warooka School Based Preschool and Warooka Primary School.  We are situated at the ‘foot’ of Yorke Peninsula, and we have a strong commitment to providing a wide range of relevant learning experiences for students. 

    A cornerstone of the school is the strong family atmosphere, stemming from being a School Based Preschool to Year 7 School, catering for approximately 100 students from 3 to 13 years of age.  There is a strong emphasis on student voice, with all students being encouraged to help in leading their school, from ideas for improvements in administration and class structures through to negotiating their learning. 

    Students have access to a wide range of learning tools, including cameras, ipads, laptops and data projectors, which they use daily in their learning activities. There is a strong physical education program across the school, including involvement in the Sporting Schools program.  Students have access to a range of sporting competitions, including SAPSASA district teams and knockout events, as well as the school’s annual cross country event, sports day and interschool sports day.  Environmental education is an important area for the school, with students involved in a range of initiatives and activities, including the Young Environmental Leaders program.